JavaScript errors in the console when trying to become an Author

I have just signed up on CodeCanyon and confirmed my e-mail. Now when I click on the “Start Selling” menu item on the home page - I am redirected but when I click on the NEXT button I get a JavaScript error in the console
Apparently when Google Analytics is filtered - the page does not work. I had to use a web proxy to go through the wizard.

Finally when I was redirected to my Dashboard - I got other errors in the browser console about CSP headers:
The Content Security Policy … was delivered in report-only mode, but does not specify a ‘report-uri’; the policy will have no effect. Please either add a ‘report-uri’ directive, or deliver the policy via the ‘Content-Security-Policy’ header.

Clear the browser cache and try again

Did not help.

Thanks for reporting this. We are working to resolve the issue asap!