JavaScript Category Review Times

Hi! Does anyone know what is happening with the JavaScript category of Codecanyon? We’re asking because we sent our item for review almost 8 days ago, but it hasn’t been approved yet. Yesterday the review times for that category were 3 days, but today there’s no number. We are kinda worried because there hasn’t been a single approval in the Javascript category for over a week!

If anyone can @ some staff member that could help us with this, would be really appreciated.


Nothing out of the ordinary. They like to review items in batches on CodeCanyon. If they don’t action any items within a week, it disappears from the review times page (because there’s no data to calculate an average). It will come back once they review some items, probably in the next few days.


@baileyherbert Oh! It’s our first time uploading on Codecanyon so we didn’t knew about the batches stuff. Thanks a lot!

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