Jannah Theme Breaks Table Block

Wordpress version: 5.3.2
PHP Version: 7.3.13
Browser: All of them
Jannah Theme Version: 4.6.2

When using Gutenberg’s Table block in the Wordpress editor everything seems fine:

  • I use the align center option for a column -> Works great
  • The borders of the table seems fine -> Works greats
  • If I use the “stripe” style -> It looks good when each row is either white or grey

ALL OF THAT BREAKS when we’re actually in the frontend website:

  1. The columns have an align-right set to them (don’t know if that’s happening only in RTL websites or maybe on LTR websites it’s also losing the center and just uses align-left…)
  2. The borders on the left side are trimmed and it seems broken
  3. When I set to stripe it has almost the same color of grey on all rows, so can’t tell the difference between the rows (if you chose another color as your background this problem doesn’t affect you… But in 99% of the cases people will use the default white and then it’s a problem)

How do we reach out to the theme developers?
This seems like a serious bug in their theme.
Please help

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Hello @kazazor

You can reach out to the theme developers @TieLabs opening a support ticket on their support website or contacting them directly via the small contact form here.

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Thanks for the help! Submitting a ticket is not an option as it’s only for 6 months which have passed for me. But I will contact them via the support email :slight_smile:

Hmm, it seems their response to that email is that they do not provide support through it. They redirect you to submit a ticket which is blocked and demand payment.

It seems they do not wish to know they have bugs :confused: