Izotope Ozone mastering chain order


Hi all! So, the question is: if you have used all modules of ozone how would you order them? my order is Eq-Exiter-Multiband Dynamics-Imager-Maximizer.But i’m not sure…


Hi CustomMelody - My order is similar except I place the Exciter after Dynamics. I don’t know if it is better or not. My thought is I want dynamics tweaked to desire prior to pushing saturation and harmonics. But as I said, I don’t really know. which is better. I too am interested in others opinions.


My order is the same Eq-Exiter-Multiband Dynamics-Imager-Maximizer, but in 99 % tracks I use only Eq-Exiter-Maximizer :slight_smile:


Thank you guys!i’m always not sure where to put exiter and imager!


always you put the exciter and maximazer last ! that’s a way to check if izotope ruin your mix ! :smiley:


My chain goes Stereo IMAGER (usually just set to -100 on the subs to bring any stray bass to the middle) - EXCITER (using tape setting on the top two bands) DYNAMIC EQ - EQ - Multiband DYNAMICS then the mastering LIMITER…or maximizer or whatever they’re calling it these days :smile: