Izotope Announces "Neutron"


So what do ya think? Useful new tool for the mixing arsenal, or just another over complicated plug-in that will be left to collect digital dust?

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It will be interesting to see how this tool could help the mixing process. The visual aid for frequency conflicts could be useful to me if done well. However I am concerned with Izotope’s appetite for CPU cycles. I use Ozone for mastering tools now. It has great functionality… but each new version grabbed more and more CPU to do the job. I definitely will be checking out Neutron when it’s out :slight_smile:

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The masking analysis looks nice. It definitely doesn’t look cheap :smiley:

interesting…i’ve already tried “neutrino” but honestly wasn’t blown away…this looks pretty cool though

I haven’t tried Neutrino yet (but now I’m going to) - my worry is basically that Neutron may be lack-luster and potentially largely unneeded. I’m kinda a plugin junkie though soooo :slight_smile: we’ll see. I’m obviously not alone in this place!

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Looks interesting, but I prefer to keep a lean collection of plugins (mostly stock), so it probably isn’t for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been trying Neutrino, I don’t really see the use though. Very subtle modifications that, all told, not sure are that useful.

The two main features of Neutron, “track assistant” and “masking meter” definitely sound interesting, especially for those of us who work with quick turnaround times. We’ll see, I guess! I suspect it’ll be a pretty penny though…

Well, it looks like Sweetwater has it posted already and it actually doesn’t look expensive:


The $200 magic-mixer plug in!!

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so far…it’s pretty cool :grimacing:

Not gonna lie… this is some pretty darn impressive software.

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Yep, I agree. Pretty cool tool!

It’s a great plugin. And the track analysis does a damn good job in many situations.

Totally agree! Track analysis is a big boss! Helps a lot.