Iver Theme

Hi! I have purchased the Iver hotel theme and installed it. I have already done an ecommerce site with Shopkeeper and (only) had to adapt the existing content (it was easy and looks great).
I was expecting the same approach with the Iver theme but it seems all empty (no exisitng pics, menu etc.). Is there an option to work from the demo version and adapt it t my requirements? Probably I do need to download/install additional parts have not installed yet?
Tx, Michael

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Hello @mike1planet

If images are paid so they can’t include in item, better you contact to theme developer from item support or comments page, they will help you

Thanks :slight_smile:

Good to hear you enjoy working with Shopkeeper! :smiley: :+1:
Thank you for using it!


Tx Adrian,
this was my start into the Theme-World!

Very nice to work with this theme … great looks and excellent results.
Already received compliments from customers concerning the easy
navigation, placing of orders etc.

Warm regards,