iver payment methods

we would like to see the last moment of the reservation(payment).
does iver include any preset for the payment? is it paypal ready?


Accepted Payment Methods

We currently accept Visa , Mastercard and PayPal for subscription payments.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any other payment methods (eg: American Express, Skrill, Envato Market credit & earnings, Invoice billing etc) at this time.

While it’s not something that we offer at this stage, if you are interested in alternative methods of payment (such as invoice payments) or group accounts - we’d like to hear from you! Get in touch with our team here.


The author offers dashboard demo access (details in description https://themeforest.net/item/iver-a-modern-hotel-and-booking-theme/22024843) so you can login and see how it is setup and with what options

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we mean inside the theme!!!
not for buying the theme!
we tried to complete a reservation in the preview mode but we cannot go further! tks ; )

another thing… we want to be sure that buying the theme once i add it on my wp ill gonna find all the pic like in the preview mode.
we read a comment of a customer he didn’t tks

Image will NOT be included - the author won’t have the right to distribute these and envato is actively pushing authors to not include demo images in the download.

As above read the item description and you can find all the information, login and try the dashboard and more

what about the payment?

Sorry about that i thought your are talking about other payment method :frowning:
you didn’t indicate any theme name!
anyway you can get in touch with your purchase item author hope they will helped!

You won’t get theme specific answer in these forums - if you use the link we shared above then you can:

  • ask questions on the comments
  • logon to the demo site and see the full setup for yourself (including payment options)
  • read the item documentation