I've started creating Kontakt instruments!

Hi guys! I want to show you something I have been working on with my friend Kasia for the last 1,5 year. It is my first boutique virtual instrument and I am soooo hyped. We’ve called it Shhh… Breath, Whisper & Voice and it’s made in 100% from voice, whispers, whistling, subtle singing and mormorando.

It’s really awesome, seriously :smiley: Very useful for intimate and organic cinematic music or trailers but also for hip hop, pop or edm. Generally, I’ve started to use it in almost every new project now.

If you go to our website and sign to newsletter, you’ll get a free sample pack.

Teaser below:


Well done, that’s a very good job. If I may, the site link is not active url version on the description of the youtube video.

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Thanks, I’ll check that!

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Awesome trailer! The instrument sounds really good and would be very useful in any cinematic context. Great work, congrats! :sunglasses:

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Awesome work! I already have some ideas on how I can use this for some logos!

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It actually works. I wasn’t sure about it, but it’s true.

Well done!

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Sounds lovely, well done!

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