I've reach level 8 couple of months ago and never received the promised care pack

I’ve contacted support about this and even a simple reply takes almost 7 days now.

Does anyone ever read my ticket or ever receive my ticket? It’s actually been 6 days already, I don’t want to sound rude but I’m checking the ticket everyday for updates and it seems like I’m talking to a blank wall.

At first I was excited to receive the promised care pack, but as day goes by, I’m realising that it won’t happen anymore I guess.

Thank you

My level 10 care pack is due for more than 3 months now. Have had several replies from the support but never received my pack. Once it was slipped from the crack in the ship, once the transport got stuck which was getting pack items, once the parcel became untraceable and so on…
Finally I replied the ticket that take your own time and i am in no hurry now as the excitement about reaching a new level is nowhere now.

Hey folks!

Hugely sorry for the wait on this! We’re actually in the process of running a project around this exact problem!
Ben, our new Elite Program manager will be jumping online in the next little while to introduce himself and let folks know where things are at with the merch. I’ll let him give the full story, but long story short, we’re in the process of transitioning across company with vastly more experience than us to run the logistics of the merchandise fulfilment for us!

We want to keep providing awesome care packs to people, but we want to lower the wait times and make sure that the care packs are awesome! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Australia is a beautiful place to live, but we’re literally floating in the middle of the ocean, and our postage system can sometimes be a little annoying.

Ben will be jumping on soon to give the full story :slight_smile:

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Yeah… me too…

Once I contacted them after a month, they told they haven’t shipped it yet. And now another one month was gone, And the fun factor is that the Tracking Code they shared with me is not working. I emailed again but never got a reply :frowning:

May be they sent some random Shipping code?

I hope I’ll get it before I reach Level 10 :joy:


Been waiting for mine for about 5 months now; pretty much given up… Can’t say I really care though, I can buy some Tim Tams from the local supermarket and pad myself on the shoulder :slight_smile:

And what about the service offered from Envato Studio. How much time does it take to have access to marketing specialist from Envato Studio? I’m still waiting from a reply and I really need of this service.