I've Paid for Traveler Theme Support Extension, but Am Not Allowed to Post


I’ve paid on 26 March for a 6-month extension for my subscription to Traveler Theme Support, received an email of payment confirmation, but when I try to post on Traveler Support Forum I can’t and I see a message that my subscription has expired.

Something must have not been updated or has gone wrong, but not on my side.

Can you please rectify?

Thank you.
Enza Ferreri

You’re right, it sounds like the author’s support system isn’t updating your license details. This is something that you will need to contact them about so they can look into and fix it.

You can either leave a comment on the item at https://themeforest.net/item/traveler-traveltourbooking-wordpress-theme/10822683/comments (scroll to the very bottom to post a new comment), or you can email them from their profile page at https://themeforest.net/user/shinetheme

Thank you, I’ve just done both things you suggested.

Lets hope they reply or even just rectify the situation soon.

Many thanks.

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