I've had this track rejected two times and can not understand what's wrong with it - your kind feedback is appreciated.

Dear fellow authors,

I would appreciate if you could please provide me with your feedback regarding the track below.

Listen to My CLOUD - Who Cares by Nick Philips #np on #SoundCloud

It’s been rejected two times by audiojungle and I cannot understand the reason. Feedback from audiojungle is “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”.

I would appreciate your comments. Thank you in advance.


The first thing and most important, is the mix.
And the composition is confuse.

It´s not allowed to upload the same track again, by the way.

Hello Manriquedelara,

Thanks for your feedback! I am aware about not being able to submit the same track twice. The second submission was not the same.

Could you be a bit more specific regarding the mix and what’s confusing about the composition?

Thank you.

The chords and melody no may not sound in the same octave (Piano 0:20) :blush: Probably…

That’s an interesting remark. Thank you EvgenM!

Your Bach cello suite is wonderful by the way!

The track makes me feel like there are some differents parts or ideas and stick them together.
I think you got almost all instruments in front, you need to create depth in your track.

Thank you about the cello track, it is played by a cousin of mine. Everything sound better with real instruments. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I get what you’re saying about the arrangement / composition although in the second version I submitted there were clear edit points between these parts so the editor could cut. So I think I’m covered in this area.

I agree, maybe the most important element about this rejection is the mix. I will follow your recommendation about depth and see how this goes.

Thanks a lot for your feedback Manriquedelara.


Hahah You´re welcome!!
Happy to help!

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Congratulations to your cousin, great performance! I studied harpsichord - many years ago - just because of my love for Bach you know:-)

Hello, interesting track, but at first the sound was bothering me in the intro, the piano + hat globally sound like if a lofi effect was applied on the piano.
When the other instruments join in, it sounds nice.

But at 0:40, or 1:14 the rhythm suddenly changes and this is… well… surprising.
So we don’t really know where you want to go, and I think on AJ, for stock music, it is best to have a clear direction :slight_smile:

Hello Frozen jazz,

Firstly, thanks for the input. That hi hat sound you mentioned is actually a harpsichord layered:-) I get your comment though, it might confuse. I also get your comment about the rhythm change, you are right - this can become unsettling in stock music. Thanks for your feedback!

Ah ah, ok, I am now back at my home studio, listening with proper headphones and not with “audioconference headphones”… and yes, it is a harpsichord!!

Well, could have been a good idea, but not here I guess :slight_smile:

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