I've bought a presentation but can't able to download pptx files of presenatation?

Please Help me out ! I’ve bought a presentation but can’t able to access pptx files of presentation . please tell me where i can download my files ?

Assuming you bought it from graphic river and not elements then go to www.graphicriver.net/downloads assuming you are logged in then all your downloads will be there

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Yes I can see this presentation in my downloads but when i download this presentation there is no pptx files why ?

What file types are there? Did you buy a keynote or google slides doc?

I Think i’ve bought keynote file
BUt i want a PPTX file

Hi @Mirzausman371

You can check this article

Also you can contact Author if they can provide you a pptx file.


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Speak to author - they will need to refund you then buy the PPT (assuming there is one)

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