I've been ripped off by envato.



I purchased WP Pro Banner Creator and it did not give me ANYTHING. I downloaded as zip and it will not plug into my WP Symposium PRO admin.Do NOT purchase this plugin.


Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Envato is just the marketplace, the individual or company who creates and sells the plug-in that you purchased is a member of that marketplace.

Your first port of call should be to get in touch with the user (tunafish) and ask for some support. They have a big link to their support service on their user page. If this doesn’t work and there’s genuinely a problem with the plug-in, tunafish will probably offer to refund you what you paid, or if they don’t offer, you can also request a refund from Envato support.

But definitely not a rip-off as such - more likely some technical teething troubles.

I hope you manage to solve it.