I've been rejected more then 10 times.

I think the problem is no longer about tracks. Files, tags, details or filing ? Does a problem occur with one of these? Can someone tell me the filing example that should be? I make two folders as mp3 and wav then I send it to the zip file. Pls help me.

In my opinion, if you get hard rejected its depend by your whole tracks. Because i have issues with soft reject depend on my “error file”. seems : tails of track, tags and broken files. And make sure you choose right category.

here , https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000471803-AudioJungle-General-File-Preparation-Guidelines

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I have read all of them. I think my all tracks are bad because
this is the only remaining option :slight_smile:

Tank you @Lilfam :pray:

I have no idea what I should do.
I hope I can be successful. :slight_smile:

Don’t give up man, here a lot of amazing tracks, try to listen more for inspiration, it’s ok. Because it’s really hard to catch an “commercial” idea(important). I have experience around 10 years, but it’s not easy for me too, and I still learning, analyzing, searching. Good luck :wink:

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Hi :slight_smile:

Just don’t give up. I’ve got LOT of (so many x100000) rejection here. Some are fair some are not. And Obviously my seller experience here is not so good.
BUT I manage to make sales on other market place. For great compagny. At high price. I’m never rejected on other market place. Aj have a special standardisation and their approval criteria are more picky and hard because of the saturated market and because the quality has increase.

BUT don’t let make this market think you are bad because you are not ! I know this feeling a lot. Obviously you need to work hard on the long run (like everyone) but don’t let AJ review think you are not good. And don’t rely on Aj as a main place right now. AJ is sinking. Look somewhere else. Keep to work to learn. And keep the faith ! Things will come for you at the right time :slight_smile:

I’ve got 447 items on all other market place and Aj is not in my top 3 about income…
(Think about that)
So Good luck, keep the faith and keep enjoying this journey despite some bad days or experience because it’s finally a part of the process :slight_smile:


@Osynthw @Aspheriq

I understood you. Thanks for your suggestions. :pray:
I do a lot of professional work but when I can not get approval here, I feel depressed :slight_smile: I’ll keep working.

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