I've been nominated for Jazz Work of the Year by the Australian Art Music Awards

I’ve just been nominated for the 2019 Jazz Work of the Year by the Australian Art Music Awards for a track called Big Bossa Cool - it hasn’t even sold one copy on AJ!!! that’s library music for ya!!!


That’s a splendid track, congrats! I love the chord progs and brass arrangement.

It’s sometimes amazing what gems are to be found in the Jungle.

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Just listened to it, sounds really nice and brought some sun here (raining cats and dogs).
I love the contrast between the somehow thin guitar sound and the large brass.

The voices are really really nice as well, and I really enjoyed the track (put it on repeat to get more sun :slight_smile: )

Congrats with the nomination! Awesome track!

Maybe the name of the track should be something more “AJ searchable” if you want to increase traffic on it, not sure what that name should be though. I hope it will start selling for you!

Congratulations! Awesome achievement!

Well thank you Frozen One!!! Really glad you enjoyed it - I don’t think it will win because there’s no improvisation (and it’s got programmed drums etc) but its good to be in the contest.


Thanks so much for your kind words Pyjamarama!!! Good luck with your work!
cheers Marty

Yes, MojoSoundtrack,
Thanks for your compliments - yeah, I should really
have thought about the name more, but it just came quickly to me & I thought it was OK at the time…

Thank You!!! Good luck with sales!!

Nice harmony and perfect balance, Lovesonic! So pleasant for our corporate-inspiring-epic ears :grinning:

Mmmmmm… Sublime! Listening to ot right now, congrats!

What can I say. The search Engine is the enemy.

Thank You Myke!

Your thoughts are much appreciated.
Cheers to you!

Nice work. I wonder if it’s the jazzy chord progression that affects the sales. Have you checked the analytics (number of views) on this?

Hey NordicTextures,

Thanks for your interest - yep I’m sure that has something to do with it - it got about 50 page views in the first couple of days

I think an average of 3:00 per view but it’s just not background music, is it….cheers M

congratulations! very good news! :smiley:

Thank You!!



Thanks xihadrcu!!

Awesome! Congrats :smiley: