It's time to leave

Hey community,

it is time for me to say goodbye. Today I was coming to the point, where I feel, that it is not longer the right way to provide my music on AudioJungle. I was here for a bit more than two years. I had some good months (in terms of income), which gave me hope and the motivation to improve my skills in making music. But the more I improved my work, the less sales I got. This is now the third month here, where is no sign, that I’ll reach the payout threshold. No sales, no views, silence.
I guess, the most important reason for the missing success is, that I am not able to recognize the AJ-customer s demands. I was never able to compose any corporate music - which is obviously the most successful genre here. So the music I provided was not wanted by AJ customers. It’s not AJ’s fault, it’s not the customers fault. I was trying different prices - down to the most hated $5,- but I come to the conclusion, that the price isn’t the success criteria here. Since more than one year now my sales here are dropping. So I think, it is not worth to make any effort in uploading music here. Since January 2020 I made 206 sales here, 30 months, which means that I had 6 sales per month as an average. Sometimes it is better to quit things, to make a clear cut instead of constantly moaning and crying about the bad situation around. Change is the key. Searching for new ways. Will I fail? Maybe - it’s allowed, it’s part of development.

Luckily I got accepted by Motion Array. They have a higher quality standard and they are way more strictly in the curation of the library. What I like there, is the better communication with the curators team. It’s a new experience for me, to catch a few more rejections there. But 80% of my portfolio was accepted and in my experience I can be sure, that my items are successful there. Yes, I know, both AJ and MA are not comparable, because MA is a subscription based library. Sometimes I was wondering, why tracks which had no views or sales here on AJ, are my most successful items on Motion Array. Maybe it’s also a sign, that I do not understand this library business, that I do not understand the customers behavior. And yes, it is clear to me, that the same can happen on MA, what happened here on AJ to me. I’ll see.

But now I am at the point, where I am only tired to see that negative development here on AJ.
There is no longer any progress and it’s time to consequently leave here.

My wish to AJ is: Be more honest to your authors. Since the start of my membership here the authors
recognized a drop of sales. AJ always claimed:“It’s all fine - we cannot see any change or drop in sales.” This was and is a lie. And until today no one from the Envato staff had the balls to say the truth to their authors.

I want to say thank you to the community for two interesting years, full of learning, full of interesting discussions and sometimes disputes.
I wish all the Knights of Fortune here on AJ all the best and the most success.

See you and bye!
Matthias from
Daydreamz Studios


I always liked your music, I wish you all the best in the next phase of your journey!

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The motion array has unfortunately lowered the payouts. From $ 500 a month in 2021, he only paid barely 50-100$ in 2022 :frowning:


Same here, from 200 - 300$ to 7-10$…

While I’m agree with you @Daydreamz-Studios and I support you in your new adventure without AJ, if you feel better to move on it’s great, but never forget what MA did to most of us. Good luck and I wish You the best!


@Osynthw Thanks to you. You’re right, MA did a large cut on the authors earnings in January with their new payment system. But: despite this fact MA gives me a stable income. My download-counts there are on a stable high level. In comparison to AJ, I do not get the feeling there to create music into the blue which no one wants. All of my approved items have downloads, also the simplest things like a field recorded Zippo lighter noise. THAT gives me also the impression and the feeling, that my work and the effort I made is needed by someone and was not in vain. That’s a big difference to AJ. I had so much tracks here, which had no views, no sales. And the same tracks are now much more valued by customers on MA. I do not understand why.
And despite of the MA earnings cut, I earn on MA 4-6 times more (depends on the AJ sales) than on AJ. For me my earnings development on MA was going in the complete opposite direction as for you or @WeirdClock.
And that’s what I do not understand. Has MA a completely different customers community? Do they search for other music there? I don’t get it.


@Daydreamz-Studios At the end of the day the most important is to provide content where you feel it’s worth it, if your earning are great on MA , there’s no reason to not go there of course ! Go for it ! And congrats for your result !
I wanted to say that, don’t rely too much on them on the long run ,because I had great result there, more than some other site from time to time, same with Chinese site which were great, and now all of these are gone ( not forever I hope). So the lack of result on other website is also related with overall world situation or competition, or stuff like that.
If I were you, I would probably keep to provide content, maybe with less effort, less often, but you never know how things can turn bad, OR good of course, and you still need this security rope because theses big compagnies move are hard to predict and we can’t beat them. So this turn was for me or for @WeirdClock with the MA move, and when the next will come, some other author will face the same, because some other move close to that will come in the future !


No need to cut all ties with Envato.
Times are not the best at all venues and little depends on us.
It remains only to hope.


What an honest post, mate!
Salute for your position and I wish you all the best with all your musical and life endeavours.


Really sorry to hear that… I love your stuff!

May I ask, are you removing your portfolio from AJ? And if so, why? Will you target at another Exclusive platform or you just want to keep your music 100% on your end and use it however you want, no strings attached aside from the ones you decide and agree?

I’m also reaching a breaking point where such low incomes might not justify anymore to even have my music available here. Buuuuuuuut, I still get from time to time an extended license that adds up to my monthly sum.

I mean… what’s the harm of leaving ones portfolio available here? I can indeed think of a few reasons, not merely ethical but also pragmatic, to fully remove it but I’d like to know what other authors think.

Anyway, it’s kinda sad to be discussing something like this but you just can’t keep beating a dead horse.


@WormwoodMusic I have removed my content from AJ. The reason for that is, that I feel, I provide the wrong content here on AJ. I had so many songs here with no views and no sales. I have my own style in composing and mixing, but I got the impression, that this style doesn’t meet the AJ customer demands and expectations (which resulted in low sales). The more time I spent in quality improvement the lower my sales rate was. I don’t think, that I provide s**t in low quality. I think, customers here on AJ search for other content - the often discussed happy ukulele motivational corporate stuff. I am not able to produce such music. I tried it very often, really. But I’m not able to get that sound, that structure for this genre.

At the end, this resulted often in self-doubts and frustration.I’m not willing to accept, that my hobby frustrates me. Making music should be fun. Providing music on platforms should be fun. But if all that leads in frustration, then I have to change something.
Everyone of us wants to see a progress, if you spent time and effort in education and quality improvement. But I experienced here the opposite which is not acceptable for me.

On Motion Array I do not have a single item, which has no downloads. To see that is much more satisfying to me. I know know, that customers want my work and value it. Of course, there are differences in the download count on the items. But no views or no downloads like here on AJ is now part of the past.
In that short time on Motion Array I got two featured items there for the first page - the same items had no sales and no views on AJ. Nearly every of my new items are landing in the genre-specific staff picks on Motion Array. I never got a featured item here on AJ. My music, my style was not wanted here by the customers

To conclude that part: Removing my content from AJ has a psychological background and effect for me. I wanted to remove the daily disappointment, while I viewed my AJ dashboard. I wanted to remove the resulting self-doubts and frustration. I wanted to remove the reason, that I have no fun in making music. It’s like a divorced marriage. You cannot be “a little” married or partly married. You have to make a clear decision with all the consequences. That will give you the mental freedom to look forward and discover new ways.
Everyone knows, who was following my posts here in the forum, that I hate it to cry about bad sales and bad circumstances. Moaning and crying changes nothing. The only thing to move the thing in another direction is to change something. And yes, sometimes it needs a big correctional step.


True!! Many of the authors moved out of Envato platform because of poor review process and getting sales decrement. Actually, Envato is not ready to listen voice of authors, they are just trying to prove them wrong.
They are not supporting authors to improve their items so they can increase sales but they just hard reject items without any reason. In universe everyone deserves a second chance to improve anything but they just delete the item without any proper reason.
This is why we have moved to TemplateM0nstr, their review process is smooth and very supportive they will help you till you get your item approved


Why not leave your music here non-exclusive?
if you leave your portfolio active and it will have no sales, it will be same as remove it and have no sales.
i understand the “mental” implication of this, but - after about 10 years as hobbyst “stock” musician, I still have my music on in several sites and still get some tens of dollar per month on yearly average.
yes, it still consumes my time to check the sales now and then, but not as much at the beginning where there was the hype and maybe one sales every 2-3 days!


Yes, all sites are part of the process and the big picture, even small income is worth it !

Also some extended license can still happen, even after months of silence.


Maybe the other platform he used only takes exclusive music, so he couldn’t have it on both?