"It's the freedom to bring our awesome ideas to life..." A few words from TieLabs, our newest Power Elite Author.

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Fouad Badawy began his career working as a freelancer web designer and developer. In 2012, he submitted “Sahifa”, his first ever item, to Themeforest. The theme became a runaway success, remaining at the top of the charts in Blog/Magazine category for over than 30 months. Since then, Fouad’s career, and his company TieLabs has gone from strength to strength, having made a number of items for ThemeForest and even expanding into WordPress plugins for CodeCanyon and now, he has become our newest Power Elite author having earned over a million dollars in sales. He currently resides in a small town in Egypt.

We reached out to him to learn a little more about the secrets of his success and the challenges he faces on a day-to-day basis.

Envato: So how do you feel about this impressive milestone?

Fouad: Oh, this is really a wonderful feeling. It’s incredible to think that your work is trusted and loved by so many customers from all over the world! Man, to know that we’ve helped so many people to build so many websites just makes me very proud and happy.

Also, I’ve never felt more motivated to keep up with the growth and expansion of TieLabs. If anything, it’s encouraged us to provide even more awesome themes, plugins and services.

Envato: What’s the best thing about your job?

Fouad: Freedom is the thing I love most about my work! I can work anytime and anywhere. I’m always free to choose what my next project will be, and it’s up to me to decide which features will make up the project. Above all, it’s the freedom to bring our awesome ideas to life.

Another thing I love is that our work gives us the opportunity to connect with awesome and friendly customers all over the world… We’ve learned to communicate with all kinds of other people from different nationalities. Over the past two years, we have responded to over 15000 support tickets. Each person from a different place in the world!!

Envato: What is the hardest part about your job?

Fouad: Work/Life Balance. When you have a love and a passion for what you do, and combine that with being your own boss, it becomes hard to make the balance between your work and your personal life. I know that I push myself to work long hours, which can make for a fair few late nights.

Freelancing has its merits, but if you’re working from home, it’s always going to be hard to separate your work and your personal life.

Envato: What do you attribute the success of Sahifa to most?

Fouad: I think that Sahifa has succeeded because we created a high-quality product which has very distinctive properties from our competitors. Timing also plays a part. Sahifa was submitted at a time when the market was calling out for a product like it.

Also, I don’t think you can underestimate responding patiently and properly to customer’s needs and opinions with high-quality technical support. In 2013, we added Alaa Salama our “happiness hero” to the TieLabs family to help me provide support to our customers. He’s been fantastic.

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Envato: What do you do to market your files?

Fouad: I believe that the best way for marketing your product is to build a product with high quality, which meets the needs of your current customers. Serving those customers through high-quality technical support, helping them to succeed must be your first priority. The best thing you can do to gain new customers is to provide value to your existing customers.

Envato: Apart from yourself, who is your favourite marketplace author, and why do you like them?

Fouad: There were only three power elite authors in the market at the beginning of our journey; Kriesi, ThemeGoods, and Orman Clark. Their achievements, the awesome quality of their work and their distinctive elements were a huge inspiration to us, as they were to all the market authors.

Envato: What is your advice to other authors regarding how to create a successful portfolio?

Quality over quantity, fix this idea in your mind before you start to make a new project. concentrate on the quality of your products, listen always to your clients – listen carefully – and do your best to provide technical support to them.

Envato: What’s your most memorable customer story on the marketplace?

Fouad: One day I woke up on to an email from a client telling us how awesome he thought our theme was. He wrote about how they loved the amazing properties and had received excellent technical support, how it was perfect for his website and how he was recommending it to everyone who would listen. The start of my day was amazing until I checked and found that it the guy had given us a 1-star rating! I was so shocked I communicated with the client who quickly told me that it was a mistake and changed it to 5 stars, but hey, what a mix-up!

Envato: What do you do to do to unwind?

Fouad: I usually spend time with my family, playing with my little two years old daughter; sometimes I go out with my friends, read, play video games or take a break for several days with my family in one of the awesome places we have in Egypt… Personally, I like Alexandria in the winter, it’s adorable :slight_smile:

Tielabs + children

Envato: So what’s the next big thing for TieLabs?

Fouad: We recently launched our new website, and we’re also working to develop a new technical support system to lift our support standard even higher and reduce the ticket response time for our customers. Also, we’re planning an expansion of TieLabs, searching for talented members for our team to provide more awesome and powerful products, and also to develop our recent items even further. Talented people interested in applying should check out our job listing at http://tielabs.com/jobs/

Be sure to give TieLabs a big congratulations next time you see them on the forums!


Very well done, @TieLabs, many congratulations! :slight_smile: High quality items + high quality customer service seem to be a common theme with all Power Elite authors, all authors should take note of that. Enjoy your new Power Elite accomplishment and status and best wishes for your continued success! :star:


Great job, guys! Congratulation!

I’m curious how many people in charge of your support team in order to keep hi quality service?

He’s from Egypt I wonder what he thinks about the recent news about US tax scheme…

Fouad @TieLabs We proud of you my brother :wink:

Fouad … This is just start for you brother .
You always are successful man
I hope you more and more of success :smile:

Mustafa Elkhalifa

Congratulation My Bro :smile:

Thanks for all kind words and support :slight_smile:

Great work brother fouad, keep it up

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congratulations brother, very happy for you !

actually this gave me a really really good feeling .

with love from algeria .

A very heartly congratulations! I really like your workspace. :+1:

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Congratulations Fouad, you have done a great job with Sahifa and your other products. Way to go!

Congratulations my friend!!! Excellent work!!! :wink:

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Congrats my friend :slight_smile: