It's raining rejections

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
AJ rejects everything in the last month, in my case…even similar sound of my other approved items, I would like to understand, I hope to get feedback from the community :slight_smile:
thank you have.a great Sunday !!

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It’s a good track and it’s obvious that AJ has raised the quality bar, hence the rejections. But there’s a little unintended time signature change at 1:24 and the track is too repetitive.

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thank you for listening and suggesting :slight_smile:

…there are no time signature changes, it’s all 4/4…
I think I could enrich the “quiet” parts maybe filling with some organ phrase or so…I though to keep it simple to act as a background for vids like travel or so…
idk if they raised the bar…reggae items seems very midi, this one has all live instruments, but maybe is this experimentation period.
anyway I’m selling zero of all, so…I could improve this.
what you guys think?
thanks!!! :slight_smile:

The guitars all sound like they’re artificial. It would benefit from real live guitar tracks, especially for the lead but also probably the rhythm. That was my first impression of it anyway.

Don’t give up my friend ; Envato rejected my item 6+ times to be in the end like this :
PS: by the way I like the track :wink:


Thanks for listening!!
Guitars are LIVE, played live! Also are Drums bass etc …
Real instrumentals…
I would improve the track if i guess whats wrong :blush:

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Nice track! In my opinion it should pass if there would be more melody parts and/or more changes in song. It sounds like instrumental track from song with voice = there is some space that can be filled.

BTW I don’t know why AJ do not like typical backing tracks - it seems for me that simple backgrounds have potential clients.

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thank you :slight_smile:
i will probably add more melody in the “verse”…I thought to keep it simple for background use…let’s see what comes after!
thank you

Give us a sign if this will pass :slight_smile:

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I’ll try and put some more melodic stuff, to see if they get it :slight_smile:
I ll take my time, since new items have NO SALES at all, I don’t see why to upload at the moment

thank you all :slight_smile:

Phew for a moment I thought it was “Raining Men” - Hallelujah.


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