It's ok? Will be accepted?

Please help me , what do you think, will be accepted? What i need to change? Thanks!

Hello Calin (sau salut :)) )

Your design is nice but I recommend you some typography tutorials. Learn about contrast, colors combinations and font combinations. Also, you have spacing problems.
Add more space between icons, subtitle and description. They are almost merged.
And about icons: use the same icons from a icons pack or if you use from different packs, be careful. They must be appropriate, matching their style (line icons, flat icons one color etc). Check some HERE or HERE. They are packed. For this king of flyer look for some “business icon packs”.
Alignment: it seems that the logo on the top badge isn’t really on center and also space between logo icon and text.
Fonts: if you check some typo tutorials there should be some fonts combinations. Use two fonts: one for title and a base font. I use for websites something like “Montserrat”-headings + “Lato”-base font. HERE and HERE are other links for you.

Good luck and keep working. You’re doing nice work! :slight_smile:


Thanks for tips, now how it is?

With all due respect this is a long long way off the standard for here.

  • you need to spend some time really fine tuning your typography skills.

  • there are issue with margins, padding and alignment

  • the design itself is a little out-dated and been done a lot of times before - it would help your chances (fix the basic fundamentals first) to have a think about something more unique


Same as @charlie4282 . Spend more time on, look at some new flyers existing on GraphicRiver (don’t copy them!!! Just analize them) and some from another design websites (behance, dribbble, pinterest, even tumblr - there are some design blogs).

Don’t give up! You just have to learn. We all had to learn before we selling, even when we got rejected :slight_smile: :)) it was a reason to learn more…

Good luck!

hi Charlie, if i do agree that this is not high potential enough to be on sale here, sorry to say just this but standards in the corporate item category are way lower than for the great deal of other categories and sometimes there are very flat or too simple things being accepted there …

hi if your words are encouraging and are welcome, this is not exactly right to say that we all experienced hard rejections before starting selling … the thing is that the great deal of us have already been confronted to hard rejections but not necessarily at the beginning. BTW, the right thing to insist on is that this place is not a get rich quick place but rather a place where u have to work hard in order to start earning a bit money and that we all have had to pay our dues to this place no matter how experienced we turned out to be when we joined … not to mention that u should always embetter here no matter why, whether this is because we want to avoid hard rejections or that we want to manage to sell a bit in a saturated market …