It's not right envato team -rejected quality standard

Hello envato team
I have made 3 to 4 projects, all rejected because of the same problem.
quality standard but after that I started searching what is the lack of quality standard for this, so if I searched the projects like the projects that I had made on your website, then there are some projects which have nothing under them but that approval Then I saw other items of author which have very high sales
So sir, this is the opinion of those who will have more sales, there is no need to check the quality standard of them and do direct approval.
We do 10 to 15 days a day and make a project and then under 2 minutes we get rejected Sir, this is not right

my new project rejected for quality standard

I don’t see any reason for approval of your item. The design is horrible and lacks premium features, it feels like it was made by a child.

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With respect the design is awful, but more than that - have you tried it on a phone or iPad?

Where would the data in those tables come from? Or is it not a dynamic feed?

Why would someone install or use this over going to a reputable news/government/official source

It’s really bad. The reviewers were 100% right to reject it. Sorry.