🎉 It's Not Just A Mark. It's The Half Million Dollar Mark!

Hello everyone,

I just want to share with you that I am super happy right now. I just unlocked the Envato Level 10 Badge, meaning the Total value of my sales reached over 500,000 dollars on Envato Market. For me, that is an incredible achievement ever in life that I didn’t think about it before.

Let’s me show you:
✪ tranmautritam
• Sales: 12,568
• Total value of your sales: $500,000
• Author Rating: 4.79 stars (875 ratings)

Again, thanks for supporting me, Envato.
I’m still doing my best to providing the best products for you in the future. <3

:raised_hands: Cheers,



Amazing Congrats :slight_smile:

And this is really amazing, congrats for the huge achievement!!! :tada: :tada:

Great achievement, @tranmautritam! Congratulations & keep it up!

Thanks mates!!!

Perfect, great success, good luck for million!

Wow, that’s one awesome achievement! Keep going!

Really cool! Congratulations! :tada:

Great achievement! Keep it up :+1:

Great achievement!! many Congratulations :tada: All the best for Power Elite Author milestone :slight_smile:

WoW, that’s imressing!

Wooooww that is huge, definitely not just a mark :smiley: Keep it up !

Congratutation :slight_smile: Pray for me, my level is 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations on such a great achievement.:+1:

Very impressive achievement @tranmautritam! Congratulations :tada:

This is awesome and inspiring. Way to go @tranmautritam!!