Its my 3rd item, got hard rejection. Could you guys please guide me what is wrong

I am trying my best, but I don’t know what is wrong, where is quality standards issues.

here is link : ONE2 DASH - Lite

User : superadmin
Password: Password@1


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Is it hard or soft rejection?
What’s the rejection message from the reviewer?

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Its my 3rd item, got hard rejection. Could you guys please guide me what is wrong

Its hard rejection based on the title !

It seems that the message referring to the reason for rejection was hard rejection due to “quality standards issues” , based on what was mentioned below:

Which profile is it? @Scappy and @cycodetech are both exclusive accounts which would be a breach of policy and potential issue if they are both yours.

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no, I do not own and am not the owner of @cycodetech.
I am confident that I did not violate any policy, I just wanted to clarify to @ki-themes and respond to a question because it is clear from the question that @cycodetech asked.

just to take advantage of the time and provide the greatest benefit to @cycodetech, since @ki-themes has more experience.

Thank you for your concern for the safety of the forums :smile:

Hard rejection

Exactly, hard rejection and reason is quality standard

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I haven’t break any policy. I am exclusive author, and I do not sell same item anywhere else. Please do let me know what quality standards issues is there so I can update it and I can take care for future item

It’s not a category I am that familiar with so not the best person to judge but I know it is one of the most competitive of all and hard to get approved

Not only this. But other item I have uploaded was an accounting application, well developed with SaaS and non SaaS module, integrated payment gateway. They rejected within half hour, saying quality standard. After rejection I uploaded on another platform and there it is under featured item.
I feel like this hard rejection is even without going through review.

I’m not familiar enough with the category to judge properly but as a reminder - the generic hard rejection can be caused by a number of reasons from not submitting documentation properly to issues with design or code, market suitability, sales potential etc.

As far as accountancy type apps go - I know there are some already for sale but generally this is becoming very difficult to get approved due to market suitability.

Sales tend not to be particularly big and I’d question any business who chooses to use a sub $100 stock app for something that involves serious or sensitive data, over the off the shelf and purpose built software that exists.

Not able to check the code quality but there’re issues on the front-end ( design ) and you may need to get those fixed before resubmitting the item.

Certainly! If your item received a hard rejection, it means that the reviewing team found significant issues that need addressing. Here’s a sample comment that might help guide you: