it's good enough to be accepted?

Hey, Expert fellow authors,
Please help me with your feedback or suggestions that might help me to improve my work.
it’s good enough to be accepted? i mean i try to upload another file and i got rejected so?
i want your opinion it’s does not matter if your opinion is good or bad, i just want to know my mistake.

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I think that accepted it but I not am sure, good work and good luck :slight_smile:

That’s a very tough category to get accepted into and I don’t think your design is far enough above average to get accepted, sorry.

The right side needs work - it feels cluttered to me… line height not big enough, text size shouldn’t vary, not enough spacing…

Good concept but I’d say definitely keep working on it. :slight_smile:
Also if you keep getting rejected in that category I would search for a different category to make designs for; business cards is seriously hard to get accepted into, they don’t take new submissions anymore unless it’s superior to the existing items.

Thank you i really appreaciate your opinion i will try to fix the right side.
and i will try to large some space for text. and the font by the way what font to you think it’s good for this concept?

anyway thank you.

i think needs some fix, plus some redesign anyway, thank you for your opinion i appriciate. :slight_smile:

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