It's Envato's 11th Birthday!

Congratulations, Envato! :birthday:

Happy Birthday Envato!

Happy Birthday Envato! Stoked to have my item featured throughout the campaign!

Hey @PurpleFogSound + @YczCreative

Thanks for your messages.

The evolution that we refer to here is around the natural process of company growth and as we continue to grow, we want to do this in the best ways that we can and in more ways that we can.

We believe that the company and community have evolved because we have now reached the stage where we feel we can better serve the business. This means looking at ways to provide more value to authors on a larger and long term scale.

We believe that a tradition, such as author fee free day - can be redistributed by allocating the time and money towards building such plans in the future. You can read more about Envato’s growth in a recent blog post:

At this point, these plans are not yet defined and we are still working through what this will be. However, we are committed to ensuring that focus is on you, the Authors.

Hope this helps answer your questions.

PS: Thanks for catching that! :slight_smile:


Yes, this certainly does. So nothing has been defined or worked out yet, other than the decision to stop the author fee-free day. But you guys are committed to put the focus on us authors, so we’ll see. Sounds promising! Thanx for clarifying Sarah :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Envato :slight_smile:

Can I just say the new banner looks awesome? haha :slight_smile:

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Congratulations, Envato!

Congratulations Envato :princess:
Happy 11th birthday!

What a wonderful age, Happy birthday Envato! :birthday: And a bit reversed, but thank you for present! :wink: And for everything else too.

Congrats, but how’s that going to boost the sales, it’s not authors that buy, it’s buyers?

How is an increased marketing budget and selling tips going to boost sales? I would have thought that was self explanatory.

If you’re asking how an author free free day is going to boost sales, it isn’t. That’s why they’re doing the above instead. But not everything Envato does has to boost sales. The ability for you to ask how it will boost sales in a public forum doesn’t directly boost sales, but it’s a feature that was added which most find a welcome addition.

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Oh, Your Highness, I’m so grateful that you allowed me to have the ability to ask the question in a public forum.

You are welcome, my loyal subject.


Well an author fee free day could boost sales. Because some authors are encouraged to do an extra effort to promote their item.


Yeah, I guess that’s true.

Happy Birthday Envato :tada:

Big +1 to this, I remember a few years back some big names did a tone, literally a tone of marketing based on this fact alone! It’s sad to see it go …

Happy Birth Day, :birthday:

:sparkles: Envato :sparkles: