it's been 8 days, but my item has not been approved yet ?

Hello, im a new user, i just want to ask you something.
How long does it take for an item to get approved ?
it’s been 8 days since i upload it, but there haven’t been even a single notification. :frowning:
Please help.
Also, be aware of the holiday season, may take few more extra days for reviews

i see. thank you. :slight_smile:

oh ya, i have open the link above. is it the information of ALL item that people submit ?
if so, then i dont see my own. i upload 3D Model, but when i open 3DOcean menu, it says there’s only 2 new items, and those item has only been 2 days old. I dont get it. :expressionless:

Here’s your options:

  • Delete the item and resubmit
  • Contact the support ( this won’t help actually )
  • Just wait

I see. thanks.

There was a 2 day review time before the new year. Now writes 7 days. I’m still waiting.

Poly Design Low Poly Building’s (Ready to Render) (New)
Queued for Review
Submitted 6 days ago | Delete?