It's about liscence.



Hi there!

I designed a work for a corporate. It’s like interface for a gaming. So it’s design made by me and can I sell this design on Is this illegal for Envato?


You can make a design normal and submit graphicriver but I think that reviews make 2 licenses (regular and extended) for example flyer. you can see other item how you can make a flyer. Luck.



No, My customer will not make a fuss. The item’s liscence will belong to Envato when approved. Liscence not belong to customer now. and thx for answer.


If you own the work, you can do what you want with it because you own all the rights. Go ahead and submit, shouldn’t need to worry at all. Whether you sold a license to your work previously is nobody’s business :+1:

What you shouldn’t do is once it is accepted, you must stay exclusive. You can however use it on freelance work and charge for that work. So there is some flexibility as well after submitting to Envato. Good luck!


I got it now. Thank you for answering.