items temporary removed or This item is no longer available

I bought many items on
During years and especially in code updates are sometimes needed
why is envato support putting general warnings instead of putting clear reasons why an item is removed
I understand there could be many reasons but then I know whats going on

Because envato may not know.

Unlike other marketplaces, envato don’t own items (it’s what allows there to be such choice and creativity), so if an author decides to stop selling or supporting an item then envato have no right/way of knowing why that was, or to continue distributing it.

well couldn’t it be possible to put this as a possible reason why author stops or remove
it would be easier to understand

It would but it would require the author to confirm this info which currently is not possible and if required then assumes that they will tell the truth.

I agree (after thousands of purchases and several removed) that this would be useful - just logistically potentially tricky