Items sales statistic

How to see which item was sold?
In sale statistic, there are only count sales, in which country sold, etc but I would like to see which of my items were sold. The only way I able to see item sales if I go to my portfolio and I can see under each item how many times it was sold but why not to make visible which item was sold in the statistic? like item ID or small preview of the sold item… or it is available and you need to click a hundred times to see it or it is just me and I can’t figure out?

this is the current statist view

and why not make it simple like this I made an example
…maybe without preview but at least item ID

why are you not checking your Statements page where you will get full details of your sales info. in earning page there will show day wise total sales count and total earnings. in Statements page you can see each sale record.