Items rejected

Hello there. I submitted these two tracks to audiojungle’s reviewers but they rejected both of them.
Motivation: mixing/mastering and commercial potential of the tracks are not good enough for envato market.
Have you got any suggestion to improve myself?

A winters lullaby up to 0:46 is the right way to go. Do that kind of theme and progress to a “fuller” arrangement and avoid virtuosity.

You can build some three 1:30-songs from above recordings.

Keep em short if not in for some cinematic arrangements. Try keep a more straight tempo also. Good with human touch, but not to much in stock music. :thumbsup:


Great pieces of music btw and really good advices from atlemusic

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I fully agree with “atlemusic”

  1. A Winter’s Lullaby :
    at 1:29 weird chords (left hand).
    at 1:55 - not exactly filled with arcade.
    In general, such a lot of small errors.
    I understand that the recording was made live, but more precisely advise this song mune.
    So I advise to shorten the time sound composition a little more than 2 minutes.

  2. Chimaera:

There - I advise you to make a re-mastered.

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Thank you
I will follow your suggestion :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:
I will pay more attention to the details

You can use some background string for the track.
I have listened to your second track. It’s not a commercial tune brother.
Yes, make a short track 1:30-2:00s is fine.
Hope you get luck on next submit.