Items Rejected with Quality Standard Issue

I have high quality graphics and layered PSDs,EPS with JPG and pdf included on my submission but still i am getting rejected with message of quality standards.

this is the message
unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

You’d need to share your demo link here if you want feedback

Just share the preview image not the zip or full files

the previous zip file including all preview image

The man in the brown suit has problems with the anatomy in the neck, I do not particularly like the facial expressions on their faces, it seems to me that there is a small variation of customization, the demo version of the project does not attract my attention

Sincerely and have a nice day!

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okay this is acceptable , thanks for the reply

hi pls do not take this personally but u have some issues about style that looks rather old , about execution that is not professional enough at this stage and requires that u take more time and pay more attention to what u produce and of proportion and harmony … it looks very often a bit like u have been creating elements seprately and that u brought them in the end altogether …

hi @n2n44
absolutely agree with your feedback, yes it has older style and i need some more new concept with this.
thanks for the valuable feedback

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u are welcome if u feel like u have clues enough u can check the “solution” box. Good luck and good work :slight_smile:

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