Items Rejected - Looking for Feedback

Here are two items I made for Audio Jungle. They were both rejected on the basis of not meeting commercial standard. Please give me some feedback. Thanks for your time. Feel free to be as critical as possible.

The game arp sounds nice to me, but sound effects really aren’t my thing.

The corporate piece has a few things that I would point out right away.

The piano panned up in the left sounds very static, probably due to lack of velocity changes but even before you get into the programming side, the harmonic progression is a little strange for a piece in this style. I-IV-IV-V just has a weird harmonic rhythm to it that i don’t think really suits here.

On top of that, the mix/production just isn’t up to par when you compare it to other corporate tracks on here, and the market is so saturated as is in these types of tracks that you really need to step up your game if you’re hoping to compete. Personally I wouldn’t even try in that category cause I think I’d go nuts :smiley:

edit: just noticed the bridge that comes in around 4:55 - wayyyy too weird for a track like this, sorry but that’s gotta go! also I didn’t realize how long it was, 2-2:30 is about max you need for a track like this. I think you need to go back and study some of the top sellers if you want to compete in this genre and bang out 20 or 30 more demos so you’ll start to get a feel for it.


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