Items rejected feedback

Dear guys, I started to write for audiojungle after a long time of absence.
Maybe I’m out of exercise but these two Items have been rejected for their quality (they don’t match audiojungle quality)
Do you want to give me a feedback about it?

  1. Eclectic Technology:

  2. Future Corporate Stategy:


Hey! Cool tracks! However, I can see some issues that may have led to a rejection. These are just my personal opinions so take everything as you will.

I think the first one is a bit out there, compositionally. There doesn’t really feel like there’s an overarching theme to the song that is tying it all together. I think having some sort of melody or lead that is more pronounced and the focus of the song would help. In this regard I think the second track does a better job, as it sounds complete and makes sense.

That being said, I think the mixing in both of them could use a lot of work, especially with the low-end. At least to me, your bass and 808s/kicks are way too prominent in the mix, and are muddying each-other as well as everything else. I would look into turning them down and eq-ing/compressing them so the fit better together without creating all the mud.

I think the piano in the second track sounds a little too dry and unrealistic, and the intro is a bit too long. The piano line is nice, but it needs a bit more to it since it is the main theme of the track.

Best of luck in the future!

Thanks Seth, very helpful suggestions.
Have a nice day