Items not appearing in Envato Elements (Mar/Apr 2022)

Same to me. It does not appear

The problem not resolved. 2 days ago, I gave permission for my new item for Elements, and I can’t see this item in my Element portfolio. Please fix it. Thanks

Hi same problem here. My items were approved like last week and they are not still appearing at elements page. Thank you.

Hi, same problem here. My 13 items were approved as they were last week and still not showing up on the elements page. Thank you

Hey, I am facing the same since last week. My 300+ videos got approved but haven’t been showing on Envato elements. I have added some festival-specific videos which have a higher chance of getting downloaded now. After a few days, they will go out of trend. PLEASE HELP!!!

same problem here, got approve but a week still doesn’t appear in elements page

“Sort by new” shows we all have this problem. Nothing has changed since last week - same projects and no new ones. @BenLeong ?

i have the same problem, last week approved but error, and this week too

I think a lot of subscriber will leave element because they don’t see any new item for a week. Another bad news for author.

The issue are not solved yet, maybe any explanation @BenLeong ?

Guess we’re in this together.

I sent ticket to help center, still no answer yet since 2 days ago.

Hi all. There are two separate issues reported in this thread, which is leading to some confusion:

  • Display of newly added Elements items in the “Sort by New” option. A fix for this bug is in progress - I’ll update this thread when it’s live on the site.

  • Some recently added Elements items are not appearing in portfolios. This one’s currently under investigation - it doesn’t appear to be affecting all content types, but we have received many reports both here and in support tickets. I’ll speak with the Elements developers in the morning for an update.


I hope you understood correctly. Projects are not displayed anywhere at all, neither in the portfolio, nor in the search, they are not found anywhere

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I can confirm: I’ve got 6 approved Graphic Template Items by last Thursday and they are still unavailable in portfolio/search on EE.


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Same here. I’ve sent 2 approved projects yesterday and they don’t appear on new items neither portfolio session.



  • New (and recently published) items should now be appearing as normal in your portfolios. Thanks to all those who have provided examples of items and portfolios affected by this bug - our developers were able to deploy a fix a few hours ago, and it looks like all items are displaying as they should.

  • Issues with the “Sort by New” filter have been investigated, and a fix is ready to deploy after the current Elements Flash Sale promotion finishes. That’s due to close tomorrow - I will update this thread once the filter issue has been resolved.


Hello BenLeong.
I think bug is not fully fixed yet. Because I published my item which was approved yesterday and it is not on the top of the newly added items. It is published as its approval time on the market.
Could you explain this?

Hi @Mk_Motion. That sounds like it should be addressed by the second issue (“Sort by New” filter) - I’ll update this thread once that one has been resolved, as it requires an additional change.

Thanks! Now it is all good)

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Hi thank you for the fix.
Now my new items appeared at elements.

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@BenLeong I tested it and it works. It took a while, but it is finally ok. Thanks.

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