Items in queue for more than 7 days now


It’s being 7 days now my power point templates are in the queue, what is happening ? any one experience same ?

Wait 2-3 more days. Hope you will get your result soon.

Would that be classed as a presentation template?

keep patience hope your review will come soon now worry about it.

Thank you

It seems days changed, thanks for information

my item is waiting for about 10 days now, a friend of mine had his item reviewed after 9+ days

Sometimes they held items for further review. Sometimes they take more time for lots of submissions. Be patient bro, Hope you will get your result soon. Cheers. :slight_smile:

I often waited up to 9 days and ended with rejection, maybe I should learn more about the meaning of patience…LOL :rofl:

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Not only you every body works on graphic river should have a higher degree on patience

Mine is also 10 days now…

Yes, it has become very slow