Items Approvement ! Envato & Codegrape ?



Can someone tell me why some of my items get rejected here in graphicriver & accepted in Codegrape ?


it depends on the item quality. what reply you got ?


Codegrape is nothing to do with Envato, although the site is a clone of Envato. Looks like a small site, probably they’re happy people are uploading something there. :slight_smile:


In graphicriver some item are hard rejected, & when i upload the same item in Code Grape they accept !


:smiley: yes i know that Envato is huge, but i just want to know.


Every stock site is at least a bit different. I upload stuff on about 4 different sites, and sometimes something is rejected on one and approved on another. You can’t expect them all to have exactly the same standards and requirements.

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You can’t compare envato with any other MKP. because envato is a community driven MKP. but Code Grape is not like that.

also envato has few standards.

even if some items get hard rejected. it can be approved by working on it bit more.

if you want more help. then provide futher more info and the reson for hard reject.


Thank you a lot Mr Varunsridharan :slight_smile: i really appreciate your feedback, god bless you men :wink:


I think that codegrape not is great marketplace but graphicriver is great marketplace because millions buyers any can buy your template, please you don’t worry if you template if is rejected because you can fix it for approved for sell graphicriver, regards. :slight_smile:

good luck.


Yes, the problem in GraphicRiver they not tell you why your item is rejected, but in code grape they tell you ! so i upload my envato rejected items to CodeGrape to know the reason, then i fix & re-upload to envato

thanks bro for the feedback :slight_smile:

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