Item was hard rejected

My item was hard rejected… what is the reason?

Hey there,

maybe the claps at 52 secs are a bit strange? Later the claps are on 2 and 4, which sounds better at least to me. Maybe other people here in the community might give more helpful feedback on this one, since I am not quite sure.

Nevertheless good luck! (=

Thank you. Also thoght about that claps. But a little bit strange, cause the claps are from good famous library… maybe not for that track?=)
Thanks for feedback! Wish you luck too

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Hi guys!!! the my rejected too.
Your can see for music and return feed for me too?


I received in email this too: “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”

It’s not the sound I am criticizing, but the rhythm. (-;

@bahEpic: I would suggest you to open your own thread.

I agree with Tagirijus claps make that section really muddy becouse of the tempo maybe keep it simpler.
Maybe you can glue the mix a little better too.

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Very thanks for feed guys. i am analise and work with this. -

thsnks so much for feedback!

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