Item Value

Does the volume of an item matter for income per download? For example, is an After Effects template that includes 100 scenes more valuable than a template with 10 scenes?

If one item has 5 titles, or 1000, it’s worth the same on elements.

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So it’s a good idea to split a template into child packs, even if they share the same category?

Possibly. Seeing that price isn’t a factor, the subscriber is going to go for the best item they can… and while that’s mainly going to boil down to quality and suitability for their project, they might also be influenced by quantity.

And they might actually need 100 different scenes… in which case they’re unlikely to want to find and download 10 different items. Items which might have wildly different styles.

You’ll never really know for certain until you get your items out there. Experiment with different styles, quantities etc… and let the results speak for themselves.