Item Upload Review

Hello Developers, I once uploaded an ecommerce PHP script on codecanyon and it was rejected with reason: “It does’nt meet our quality…”. I have modified the system and want to republish it.
Kindly check it out and give me a feedback

Pass: amooti

for customer create any dummy

With respect this is way off the standards

  • needs a lot of work ok mobile eg areas are non responsive, icons don’t show, button copy on item pages go over multiple lines etc

  • generally the typography needs attention

  • category links on the home page have no products in them feels lazy and unfinished

  • design is quite dated even for a commerce site

What do you mean by this

It means there’s nothing unique or premium about the design, features, functionality etc that hasn’t been done many many times before and with respect to a higher standard.

You need to fix the design and mobile basics first but in the process look for opportunities to offer more reasons for someone to pay for it e.g. multiple category, and item layouts, social shopping/sharing links, etc.

Thank you. I appreciate your support. Allow me get back to you when I have corrected it