Item Updater Chrome Extension - Now works with author pricing too!

Hey everyone!

I’ve just updated the Item Updater Chrome Extension to also work with author driven pricing (for categories where it’s available). Now you can use it to quickly and automatically set prices on your items too :slight_smile:


Also, when active the extension will now automatically expand the initial form section on the item edit page as well.

New to the Item Updater?

With this extension, you can set and update the description and attribute values across any number of your items, easily and automatically. Each item will have its info set to the corresponding values, according to the settings you choose.

It’s a simple 3-step process really:

  1. Enter the URLs for the items you wish to update
  2. Enter the attribute names and corresponding values you want to set
  3. Run the auto-update helper, while you sit back and relax!

The Item Updater will also optionally use the attribute values you’ve entered and apply them as defaults on the item upload page, if enabled. This can help save you time when uploading a bigger batch of files with similar attributes.

For more info also check out my original post the old forums: