Item updated approved but description not updated

I’ve updated my VC Coming Soon Pages plugin and it was approved but the description wasn’t changed. I included a changelog and mentioned that but nothing was done. I really need this to be updated, help!

Yup. This is an Envato Bug (@KingDog )

After 1st approval, the form is divided in to two. If you are clicking the Submit buttom at the bottom, only changes below are saved. So, then you have to manually change the description and click the first submit button again.

I also had the same issue, and I have to spend another few hours to re-write description.


I get the same with video stuff. There’s two sections when I’m editing… one with description and the other with files and tags. So if you update all the files and the description, then click on submit below the files section, it will just update the files. If you change the files and the description and click on submit below the description, then it will just update the description.

I always change the description first, submit it, and then go back in and change the files and then submit them. If you do it the other way around then it might get soft rejected if the description no longer relates to the updated files. If that makes sense?!

Yes the UI could be improved a little bit.

There are two forms on that page, the top one doesn’t require approval (item description) and you have to submit that separately to the bottom one. Notice there are two submit buttons.

If the page is still open you can try to press back and see if the browser has remembered your changes, that has saved me once.

Oh wow, thank you. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. There goes 6 days of time wasted waiting :frowning: At least I know now.