Item type on Envato Elements

Hey guys, I am new to Envato Elements.

First of all, I thought you just select any of your items from the market and select it for elements.
It’s not that easy as it sounds.

When I try to create a new item in “item type” there is no option “video templates”.

Anyone has same issue?


if you have element invitation go to the edit tab of your item and give permission . It will appear in element in few minutes.

Unfortunately when I check Elements checkbox to give permission and save changes nothing happens in my elements account, even after waiting all night.

I should wait a bit more and then contact support.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Little tip:

Just Type name of your project in search and try to find it. You will be surprised =)

Thanks! They are in elements, I was looking only in “my items” :slight_smile:

Recently, I was in the same situation as you =)

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