Item Title

Someone is there? I’m in a problem. I gave all the rejections because of the title. But when I change the title, the previous title is coming.
Please tell me how to solve it.
Thank you

I think there is mistake to understand issue.
if you post with your rejection message then it’s easy to solved for people.

the rejection message is blown. please cake it.Screenshot_2
but When I changed it was submitted in the previous name.

post your full title here

You have to keep a name fully unique everywhere like documentation, themeforest submission title, live and main file.

The former name is this “Newspaper Magazine and Modern Blog Theme”.
I change this name when I am submitting this “Ana-Newspaper and Blog Template”.Then showing isScreenshot_3

You cannot keep this name Newspaper/Magazine/Blog/

Why they didn’t give you this issue.

I told you my previous comment you have to keep name totally unique that are not available in themeforest

Yes I i am changed the name and resubmit.but the name is not changed.its still show this.Screenshot_3 .
So how do I fix this?

you submit it with new unique name hope they will solved it

Yes I resubmitted with new unique name. but showing previous name.

no worry about it hope it will solved.

Ok. thank you so much. if i will face the Problame again.i will contact with you.

Hey! You won’t see your tittle updated in the submission … envato review team will see instead your latest submission title. So make sure you submit a new title to match what reviewer asked. I had a few similar issues! Good luck!