Item Support Policy and Functionality Launched

@andrewfreeman Hello Envato Team. Is there any progress regarding the item support of mobile applications? I spend a lot of time every day supporting my Android apps. I don’t see any reason why “Mobile” category should be excluded from the new item support policy. Mobile apps are complicated and customers need a help quite often. See my portfolio - I have 1134 sales and 836 comments. I have much higher sales/comments ratio than any other ThemeForest author so why mobile items cannot follow item support policy? Can you do something about it??? Thank you.

Any announcement date for Renewal Support?

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Hi kayapati,

At this stage we are hoping to launch Support Extensions next week i.e. the functionality to extend support after the item has been purchased. Support Renewals (i.e. purchasing support after it has expired) should come within a couple of weeks after that, in time for our first support grants to expire on March 2nd.

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Thanks andrew :slight_smile:

"You have 1 month of support remaining for this item."
Where can I see exactly which day this ends? I’d like to extend, but read that there will be some news about the cost soon.
Thank you!

Could you please confirm what will happen on March 1st for us? With regard to my question here: March 1st Support Cutoff

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Hi graumann,

You can see the exact date support expires by hovering over the ‘1 month remaining’ on the downloads page. We’ll have that functionality for you to extend support next week (hopefully). :grinning:

That is a well hidden function!

I WANT assistance. I want the account of the ilikecoding to be suspended or the Envato staff make him provide the support he promised. I have reported fatal issue with the product about 6 months ago. No support of any kind. During this time only 2 comments from his side. Promised email with update. No email, no update. Is this what I have paid for? What now?

Hi KayzerSoza,

Sorry to hear you have had bad experience with this author. I’ve forward your message to our Help team. They will look into it and come back to you.

You should know that the actions of this one author does not represent the views and attitudes of the wider Envato Community.

Hi Kayzer, I’m very sorry to hear about that and I’d like to look into this for you. I have just sent you an email. I’m looking forward to your reply and please let me know in case you did not receive it. You can also always open a ticket at to reach us. Feel free to refer to my name (Melanie) to have your ticket passed on to me immediately.

Thank you!

I’m sorry for the late answer. I have sent you email.

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@charlie4282 Sorry but I’m afraid it’s not true.
Most of items I’ve bought were purchased before Sep 1st. But as I can see all of them expired yesterday (March 1st) and I’m not able to download updated items anymore :frowning:
To be honest I’m a bit disappointed by this decision from Envato to make every buyer paying multiple times for items.

Check the email out here from staff: Item Support Extensions and Renewals

What expired yesterday is the new support policy where envato guarantee support for 6 months (or longer if extended).

What you bought before Sept 1st and which still remains unchanged is the old policy between yourself or any buyer and the author. The difference being that under the old policy the auhtor can decide to simply not support the file is up to them and envato can do nothing to enforce it.


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Hi @Nekto,

Access to updated versions are available to all buyers for the life of the item. Please check to make sure you can download the items with expired support and let me know if that’s not the case.

We don’t want buyers to pay multiple times for the item, that’s why we haven’t introduced paid updates despite that being the preference of a number of authors. We do however think that authors should be compensated for any time they need to spend with you, helping you use/understand the item (past the original 6 months that is).

Hope that clears things up :grinning:

Probably this was asked before.

Does the buyers with “support expired” can still rate an item?

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Yes, they can. So, be ready for negative reviews, and from what I understand (if Envato staff can correct me), Envato will not remove such reviews.

Thanks for the reply @GDragoN!

Yikes! That doesn’t sound good, and make no sense.

Envato should disable rating features for users with expired support, or at least remove ratings based on the fact that buyer is angry because the support expired. It would be good to get some official response on this problem.

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I find this option pretty useless since envato doesnt enforce same support behavior for all authors.