Item Support Period


Today I got unfair 1 star rating just because I mentioned in support forum that customer’s support period is expired and he need to prolong it to get further support help .

In this hard period, when sales & prices dropped in overall market, we still provide as much as good services and updates for our customers, but they still want us to be like Jin from lamp, and provide lifetime support.

In one hand Envato limit support period, and give option to prolong it which is logical and good for both to Envato and authors to cover our time expenses on support.

In another hand customers who don’t release that even small issue need a time to look at, can give 1 star rating and influence to product rating.

Can someone from staff explain, this issue so we know in future how proceed.


Hi there!

I understand you very well. This problem was and is very discussed on the forum these days. Now what you can do is to contact the Envato Help Team and ask to remove that bad review.

On the other hand if a customer asks for a bugfix I think you should provide a solution. But within this case the client needs to extend the support to get helped by your team.

You can also check this forum post and learn how to deal with these type of buyers on the future.



Thank you for tips & advise! That question customer asked wasn’t related to bugfix.