Item Support Extensions and Renewals

@andrewfreeman When will you guys send the email to buyers for support extension? Its only a week remaining now.

Hey @templatin!

We’ve identified the issue and we’ll provide a fix in the next few days. We’ll let you know when that’s been done.

Thanks for notifying us and for your patience!

Hi again!

After having a much closer look at the problem, it looks like it will be significantly harder to implement a quick solution. We have this issue on our sights but unfortunately we’re not able to provide an estimate on when it will be fixed.

I would recommend using the Earnings as your source of truth for this kind of thing for both metrics.


@andrewfreeman I purchased an item which will end support within 1 day however, I still didn’t receive any email from Envato to inform me that I’ve to extend my support period! Is that happening to my clients too?

There is no BIG IMPROVEMENT in terms of extension sales, so it seems there wont be any benefit for the authors.

Hi All,

@andrewfreeman is on his way to Pressnomics at the moment, so I’m posting an update on his behalf, regarding notifications to buyers with expiring support (remember to say g’day to him if you see him at the Envato stand at Pressnomics :grinning:).

Buyers with expiring support can fall into 2 groups:

1. Buyers that purchased prior to the Item Support Policy going live
Buyers that purchased between September 1st 2014 and September 1st 2015 will be sent an email over the next few days informing them of the new Item Support Policy, the fact that their support grant is expiring on March 2nd and providing them with the option to purchase Support at the cheapest support rate available (30% of the list price (37.5% of item price)).

We’ve chosen to limit this email to buyers from the 12 months prior to the Item Support Policy as we wanted to ensure the information was still relevant to the people we are emailing. We’ve chosen to offer these buyers the 30% rate because they have not had the opportunity to purchase at this price and because we believe a cheaper rate will help these buyers transition over to the new Item Support system.

2. Buyers that purchased after to the Item Support Policy went live
For these buyers, the Item Support policy and the duration of their support was made clear at the time of purchase so it makes sense for them to be notified that their support is running out. With this email our aim is to be informative while also making it as easy as possible to extend their support (buyers can checkout a Support Extension directly from the email). Buyers will receive an email listing any items where support expires in 7-14 days time.

Here are some examples of the emails:

Pre-Policy buyers will receive this email

Regular Item Support Expiry Email

Reaaaaaaaaally? Isnt this something that should be consulted with the community?

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We already have a lot of angry customers who want to rate our themes low and already provided bad feedback in comments because we said that their support was expired and they can’t submit tickets.
If we will continue to provide free support for expired users - this will be against envato rules. If we will ask users to prolong support - we will get 10 000+ negative reviews from our old customers.

What we should do?

Users who does not have valid support period should not be able to rate items and leave reviews!

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Where’s the community these days, here? I seriously doubt that :angry:

ok. I’ll be angry (because most of items has very low quality manuals attached, and even after major theme upgrades and feature additions aren’t updated), buy support, get help and leave you 1star rating with very nice comment at the end on comments. Does these additional bucks and ultra stupid innovation by Envato will make your life easier? :slightly_smiling:

I agree and disagree with this new policy adopted.

I understand that often the free support is something very stressing for some authors, and that sometimes the lost time should be rewarding, ie paying.

But the question itself is that for example, I bought several items where at the time the description was like watching “Free support forever.” Now I need to inform the author of the error, and even ask for support, I have to pay for it. But wait there was not free forever? This policy for more to come benefitting the authors, the old buyers are affected and what is not correct for user who is a long time.

In my view, this policy should apply only to new purchases and not to the old.

I was very upset when I checked in my system the items you already bought, everyone has a short period of support and to continue to ask for help, I will have to pay for it. Today unfortunately, due to the time zone, my questions have a longer response time author.

That’s my opinion about it, and I believe that most buyers should also be thinking the same as me. It’s not fair to anyone who is an active user and has old products, it has simply changed all of a sudden.


contact the author directly to request support in line with the original terms of purchase.

That’s exactly what is happening and you have nothing to worry about.

The new policy is a fundamentally different thing (enforced official by envato) from the old one (unenforceable and between author and buyer).

You always had to do this and as @tansh and various other posts said this has not changed at all.

the only thing envato has done is introduced a new ‘official support’ policy which benefits buyer son a different level. It has zero impact on previous files or the terms they were sold under.

Hope that clears it up


That’s exactly what is happening and you have nothing to worry about.

a) Is apply to the old purchases/customers too, but if the authors have claimed that will provide lifetime support, than the old purchases/customers will still receive free support.

b) But if the author hasn’t claimed that will provide lifetime support, than the old customers will need to purchase and extend support in order to get more support from the author.

Thank you for answering me. Still I did not have to use the stand after the period expired, but should it be a problem with any author, warning you, because as I said in the post, is not fair to those who bought at the time that this new policy was not yet in force.

I could be wrong but as I understood it authors are able to provide free support for anyone (assuming they choose to do so) but they are not allowed to advertise that or make claims of lifetime or free support as previously (because envato cannot enforce that).

Previously authors could just refuse to support files (or even remove the file completely) at any time and irrelevant of if they stated ‘lifetime support’ and envato could do nothing to help so it is not much different.

At least with new files you get 6 months free peace of mind and the ‘option’ to pay for this guaranteed support in the future.


This change in policy is controlled and monitored by Envato and the authors are abide by their rules, more info here : and here:

Saying that isn’t “isn’t nice if you get an author who refuses”, si quit out of … and more when it comes from a moderator and from a person like you / a customer that supports a lot of authors.

The old customers, have received 6 months for free that has started on 1 of september of 2015. Confusing the customers like that will result in = more “1 stars” for the authors, with all due respect.

If you read again the emails sent by envato in september and you read the support terms now, you’ll understand.

YES, the authors can offer free support if they wish( is not recommended at all ), but if they don’t want that in order for a more sustainable business (support and more updates/features for an old item), saying “isn’t nice, isn’t the way to go”.


Could someone explain this for me ? which option should i buy for getting support. $70 or $26

I would think you purchased an extended license for the product, and so the quoted price for the support renewal is based on the extended license. Also, when buying extended support at the same time when you purchase the item itself, the cost for the extended support is heavily discounted.

Since you purchased two licenses of the product already, I would assume that both licenses were extended ones, as I would hope that Envato would use the standard license cost as basis for the support renewal (if you in fact purchased a standard license).

In your case, I would think it is totally legit to simply purchase another standard license of the product and use that license to obtain support for the next 6 month. Although, your assumption is wrong: The standard license of $26 will give you 6 month of included support. You can extend that for another 6 month by spending another $6 at the time of purchase. So, at best, for $32 you will receive 12 months of support, but NOT 18 months for $26, as your mockup indicates. :slight_smile:

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