Item Submission Problem

I don’t understand. Why my items always rejected?
I have been trying for the last one and a half years but I am not Succesful. Why?
Every time they tell me to give something new, where I am uploading new designs every time.
Why does not approve my design please solve this?

this is my new design, whats problem this. this is really new.


Thank you.

All your cards are well executed but the overall design is outdated.

i personally do not think so some are rather original for me by the way …

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did u check about the size of fonts? are they big enough for really having readable contents? as for i ten to believe that this maybe a matter of typo not being original enough for GR indeed. in any case, do not stop trying to do your best and bringing your game to the next level, inspire fro what is accepted without copying , it may help u too (and keep in mind that this category is one of the toughest too)


maybe you copy other business card not original. you can make any new idea approved, good luck, regards.