Item sold for half of its price

So my song was set at 15$ by AJ, but sold once for 15$, twice for half of it’s declared price, only 7.5$. Why is this? So basically the song which is 15$, sold three times, for a total of 30$, whereas I thought it was supposed to be 45$.

Most likely the item was bought under different licenses

Check your statements. When it sold for $15 was it a “Music Broadcast (1 Million)” licence? $7.5 is what you get for a standard licence, so is normal.

Well that’s the weird part, because the “Music Standard License” price is 15$, and “Music Broadcast 1 Million” is 30$, so shouldn’t I get 7.5 from 15$ and 15$ from 30$? It says my Sales earnings are 30$ but my funds are almost half of that money. Where did that half go?

thanks yeah I figured they were sold under different licenses. But still I thought exclusive members made 50% for starters but my actual funds are around 26-27% of the total sales, why?

Please can you clarify- you said your total for the three sales was $30 right? Is that what you have by your name at the top of the screen, and in your ‘earnings’ tab? If so, then that suggests that you sold one broadcast licence and two standard licences. What do your statements say?

If you’re not getting 50% as an exclusive author, then it’s probably… US tax.

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Ok here is how it is: 3 sales, Total value of sales 60 dollars (one 30 dollar, two 15 dollars), Sales earnings before tax 30 dollars (exclusive member), my balance 16.56. What does this mean? I thought as an exclusive I got 50%, and the remaining 50% was AJ’s cut, including tax and fees etc. Does this mean I actually don’t make 50% from my sales?

Fill out the form W8 or W9. Most likely with you deduct tax

Where do I find this W8 W9 and what does it do? Deduct tax you mean I can reclaim this tax money?

Settings\Tax Information

You do make 50%, that’s how much you’ve earned… but you then need to pay taxes on those earnings. As advised, complete the W8 form in the settings area of your account and you won’t have any tax withheld on non-US sales, and you might get a reduction on the tax withheld for US sales. Depends on where you live.

thanks a lot!

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I see, thank you very much! Will that apply for my already sold songs? Will I get my tax back? Or will it only apply for my future sales after I fill the W8?

Only future sales unfortunately.

Well that’s quite sad but I’m new on AJ so I guess it ain’t a big loss