Item Soft Rejected - Need Some Advice

Hello Guys.
I have worked very hard on creating a template and it was soft rejected because of my project structure or the way I am giving my After Effects Files.
So I have created 99 Titles in 10 Different categories. and I give a

  1. All In One - 4K File
  2. All In One - Full HD File
    and then I divide 99 Titles in 10 Category Folders in Which I divide all the Titles in their own seperate After Effects Files.
    so this means I am giving a lot of After Effects Files to the buyers.
    The Main Reason why I do this is to allow people have more control over the template.
    If I give only 1 or 2 files it will be very heavy for some people to work with and they will have to work with a heavy file.
    If I give seperated versions of the titles they and with a preview system they can preview all the titles and choose which title they want to work with without making their on going projects very heavy.
    I am including an image to help you understand.
    Please advice me on this matter.
    I feel like seperated files would help a lot of people but the reviewer feels that an All In One File would be better.

It is hard to use if you have 100 folders . Nobody does that. Do not worry that your project will be heavy

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i agree with @romlam i think you should include all of the titles in one project or two (full hd+4k versions)
that’s how i do it !
and good luck

I have to disagree here. As long as you provide an All-in-One file for those who want it, I think seperate files are a great addition. Often times I have to reduce projects on my own if I want to be able to work with them because they are so bloated with stuff I don’t need for my current project.

You may want to stick with aep files for each category, not a single aep for each title. That reduces the number of files by the factor of ten and is light enough for the user to work with. It also makes sense to group the titles like that.

You may want to add preview images so that a user can find the right aep file without having to open it in After Effects.

Another thing to think about: why have seperate projects for 4k and 1080p? Can’t the 4k titles be rendered as 1080p, or if you have only shapes and text layers you can even scale them down without any quality loss when you enable the collapse-transformation switch.

Unfortunately an optimized structure isn’t really a matter of personal preference, but a Videohive requirement. A project that contains that many template files is entirely too cumbersome, especially when it can easily be condensed into 1 or 2 easy-to-use files.

It’s typically best to think about the usability from the customer’s perspective, and how they might react to needing to sift through countless folders to find the file they’re looking for.

Hope that helps!

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