Item Soft Rejected… Need HELP Please….

Dear Authors,

I am new bee here. I am really need your help.

My first 2 submission Soft Rejected. Here are my submissions.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
Please make sure you properly set up the package so it does not exceed the package limit.

I hope someone here can helps me on those issues.

I think they’re talking about exceeding the maximum allowed amount of elements in an item. If you look at the upload guidelines you should find there’s a max number of icons etc you can include in one set.

@ToivoMedia, Thank for reply.

I went through this topic link. (Help Center > Selling and being an Author > Add-ons Submission Requirements)
There is nothing mentioned maximum allowed number of elements.

But reviewer sent link for to the follow is (Help Center > Selling and being an Author > File Packs GraphicRiver)
These are the Bundle & Pack guidelines. In this article they mentioned Maximum allowed number of elements.

Styles: 8-50 styles
Brushes: 8-30 brushes
Shapes: 8-30 shapes
Gradients: 8-50 gradients

According to these guidelines I need to brake my submission “200 Arrows Custom Shapes” in to 7 volumes.
Then it will become “30 Arrows Custome Shapes - Vol. 1,2,3…etc.” But mainly which i noticed in market place there are so many Custom Shapes submissions are exceeded these maximum number of limitations. This thing is confusing me to what to do.

Please I need suggestion on this issue to resolve.

You might want to contact support to get an answer from a member of staff.

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Thank you… I will Contact… :slight_smile:

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Hello my friend :slight_smile:
your item soft reject?
Means your item is in the final.
Please note what is the cause, they usually tell the cause such as:

  1. Please make sure you properly set up the package so it does not exceed the package limit.
  2. Means you have to reorganize the package regularly. For example by grouping into folders in accordance with its file extension.
  3. Do not forget, category, tags, all description can be cause.

greetings from, Vecrow.

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Thank you vecrow… :slight_smile:
I will update accordingly once again…

@vecrow, @ToivoMedia,
Dear Authors,
I would like to say Thanks a lot to you for guidance.
Finally my first submission is Approved.

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Oh nice :slight_smile: We are happy to help you.