Item Soft Reject Many Times For Title

My item is soft rejected many times for title.
I try to best give a good title And reviewer does help for choosing a good title but I can’t understand this.

Last when I submitted give this title “Seopoint - Seo or Digital Agency Bootstrap Template”
but reviewer tells remove SEO keyword. but my template is SEO related. { } .

Now I choose this name please tell me this name is approvable.

  1. SeoXen
  2. Seozen


It is clearly stated in the Envato guidelines that you shouldn’t include generic words that refer to categories. To stay simple your SEO template name can’t have the term seo in it. Use the tags for that. You could name it Findeo and there wouldn’t be any problem, given that findeo doesn’t exist yet (just supposing :)). Regards.

Findeo is taken, sorry :wink: :wink:


Hehe, was just an example :smiley:

Yes, Findeo is already exited. so I choose another name. Example: Sandeo